Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Tale of Greed

“Why are you always late?” shouts Madam Evelyn at Elias, the house driver. “Don’t you know I have an appointment to get to?” Elias bows his head and says nothing. Salome, the housemaid, comes to Elias and asks “You were just 5 minutes late and she shouted at you so badly. This has happened twice this week. Why don’t you say something”. Elias says “Patience is better for me. I will wait my turn.”

A white pick-up enters the compound and Salome rushes towards it. Two men descend and face Salome. “We have come for the painting job” says Jonu, the work foreman. Salome directs them to the house. The painter starts his work while Jonu and Salome start chatting in a rather flirtatious tone. Jonu tells her that he will call her in the evening and come back tomorrow morning as well. He tries to hug Salome while leaving but stops mid-way as he sees Elias in the background.

The next morning, they sneak in the empty bedroom and resume where they left off the previous day. After a while, the conversation takes a serious note.

Salome: Madam Evelyn and her family are going out of the country for a few days and I have a plan in my mind. I will go to my sister’s place in town but I will keep the bathroom window open and cut off the wires of the CCTV. You can come and grab all the valuables and then we can share the loot among ourselves.
Jonu hesitates at first but after much deliberation agrees.

Two days later, Salome is brought to the police station for interrogation.

Police Officer: Where have you stashed all the cash and the jewellery?

Salome: I don’t know what you are talking about. I was in my sister’s place. I have nothing to do with the theft.

Police Officer: Really. So who do you think did it?

Salome: I don’t know. May be it is Elias, the driver. He was always upset that with Madam and he vowed he will take revenge one day.

Police Officer: May be it is Elias along with Jonu.

Salome: Jonu? Who is he? I don’t know him.

Police Officer:  Don’t act innocent. Jonu already confessed to the crime and he said you were the mastermind.

Salome: I just had one small fling with him. That’s it.

Police Officer: Your one small fling costs you your life. Your game is over.

Salome starts crying profusely.

Police Officer: I will tell you what happened. Elias already saw you cutting the wires of the CCTV. He immediately called us along with the CCTV repair technician. When your darling came to steal, we were right there waiting for him.

Salome: That bloody Elias!!

Salome and Jonu get arrested and are sent to jail.

Later, Madam Evelyn comes to Elias and apologizes for her rude behavior. Elias just smiles away, again saying nothing.

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