Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Big Show

Man loves to flaunt and is always ready to show off his possessions in front of others. This quality of exhibitionism sometimes prods on the extreme and can appear funny at times. It is really amusing how a person carries himself at the so-called special occasions just to make his presence felt. 

In the olden era, marriage was considered as a simple practice of joining of two souls where food was distributed to the poor to gain blessings. But now it is nothing but a festival of pomp and show where the poor is not even mentioned in the conversation let alone in the celebration. Of all the days of one’s lives, the bride and the groom feel that marriage is the only day where they feel important and so behave in such an abnormal manner that sometimes it’s difficult to identify whether they are the same people or strangers.

Unfortunately in today’s times, people are more impressed by the outward appearance than their internal talents. People don their best costumes for a job interview; as if the attire will compensate for what one has inside their brain.

It is quiet fascinating how the travelers wear their finest clothes at the airport and it is more amusing how their companions put on ordinary clothing just to make the passenger feel like a celebrity.

Times have changed so drastically that even places of worship are being treated as fashion houses with disciples parading their latest material acquisitions and God being nothing but a back bencher.

In the past, clothes served the purpose of covering the body from heat and cold but now the mantra is: less clothes; more prestige.

One has to realize that simplicity is the essence of life and showiness may not always result in success. Even prolific leaders like Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther etc professed the idea of simple living and high thinking. It is only through knowledge and perseverance that men can have their names etched in the annals of history and definitely not through external gaudiness.

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