Monday, January 6, 2014

A Far Away Dream

I am walking unsteadily in the midst of the skyscrapers. No matter where I look, these tall monsters are engulfing me and my each step draws them closer as if to bind me. My eyes search frantically for an escape but in vain as these metallic blocks keep building up in every corner. I feel a sense of breathlessness from this congestion and pray to find a place of solace somewhere; anywhere.

And then finally my strides take me to an open space in the middle of this concrete jungle and I feel elated for having found a rarity. I want to spread my arms and soak in this moment of solitude when suddenly I look up to see beams lowering upon me. I think for a while to fight these steel creatures but realize that they are too strong for me. I run as fast as I can to a direction unknown until I find a shadowy alley and I hope that this darkness will somehow bring me to light.

I sit still after this languidness and think of going back to my abode but my quest to find calmness holds me back. I feel regret as I am forced to believe that only a miracle can save our natural habitat.

On that thought, a hand draws near and takes me towards a shining halo. I enter it unafraid as I leap forward and it seems I am transported to a parallel universe as I see green trees all around me, flowers of varying colors swaying from the gentle breeze, birds of different origins chirping away as happily as ever and the touch of moist grass as smooth as silk. From a distance I witness people dancing and eating merrily the fruits that the trees bear.

I feel overwhelmed but at the same time fearful that this oasis may end up like the place I am coming from. So, I wish that this state of bliss would last forever but am perturbed by an annoying sound. I open my eyes and notice men working on their machines. My dream is short lived but I hope that one day it would be a reality.


A question lingers on every mind Wonder what will transpire? Of all the dreams that we have Will they ever aspire? The numero...