Saturday, March 1, 2014

Destiny Speaks

Most men feel that they have the ability to fully control a particular situation or a result but this is just an illusion. The truth is that every moment of our lives are carefully thought out by the one and only Supreme Being. All our successes and failures too are preordained from the day that we are born. If a person is successful; it is because his success is written in the books of the Almighty and so is his failure. No matter how much we try to chalk out elaborate plans to succeed, it is our destiny that prevails at the end.

There are many individuals who proclaim that they possess the will power to succeed and that nothing can come between them and success but we see that these are the people who are often embraced with failure.

One has to realize that self determination cannot always prevail in the presence of fate. We come across many instances in our daily life where we see that a person is so close to success but flatters at the last step. This is because he was not destined to succeed at that particular time.

Therefore, man should neither be too proud of his achievements nor he should be too depressed by his failures as his course of life is already decided at the time of his birth and one cannot deviate from the path that is chosen for him.


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