Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Boy Named Harris

There was boy named Harris, 
Who use to do all things opposite

His father was reading 
While the sun was setting
He told Harris to switch on the lights
But instead his papers started flying
His father yelled, ‘Harris, why do you do all things opposite.’

One day his mother was cooking 
For the guests in the evening
She asked Harris to pass the sugar 
But he gave her the salt
The guests were waiting for the blueberry pie
But they were treated to a portion of saline
His mother shouted, ‘Harris, why do you do all things opposite.’

He went to school where the teacher held a mathematics test
In which Harris wasn’t too well
He wrote the test using all his wits
But the teacher found out that all the answers were of science.
His teacher screamed, ‘Harris, why do you do all things opposite.’

That was a story of a boy named Harris who tried his best

But somehow managed to do all things opposite


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