Monday, August 5, 2013

Romantically Responsible

Different people have different notions of love. Many people mistake love for romance but it is far away from it. Romance can be a small part of love but can never be called love itself. The reason being that romance is short lived but love is forever.

When sparks fly between man and a woman; both the individuals term this phase as love but in reality it is only romance and only if this romance last the tides of time; it develops into love.

In the real sense, love is responsibility.

When a child is born, the parents pour out unflinching love for the child; regardless of the fact that the child will give back the same love when he grows up or not. This is because the parent is responsible towards the child. Similarly when a man and woman get married, both the individuals are responsible for each other. This responsibility and commitment is called love. This feeling of responsibility to someone who we love, do last long in one’s life whereas romance on the other hand just diminishes with time. This sentiment of love should not be limited to the near and dear ones but should cross beyond boundaries

Every individual has to realize that he is responsible for other fellow human beings. A man’s actions affect the lives of others, in one way or another. For this world to flourish; it is imperative to exhibit love not only towards his close companions/relatives but to towards entire mankind. A person can say that he is in true love only when he is concerned, committed and responsible towards the betterment of the whole humanity. And if at all for some; love is romance then lets romance the world.


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