Thursday, June 23, 2016

Modesty Thy Name

We are nothing even if we feel we are something. We are just a speck in this wide universe. Insignificant and helpless in the face of the smallest of adversities. We know nothing even after having known much. Our intelligence presumably acquired by us, is minuscule and limited to a few defined areas. Our knowledge cannot guarantee success nor restrict failures.

We have no power to change our destinies and we can be rendered incapable any moment. We cannot hasten what is delayed nor delay what is hastened.

So, do we inconsequential souls deserve the accolades for our achievements?  Should we pride ourselves for all our successes and walk insolently on this earth? Should we boast our accomplishments with a rising ego?

Rather, we should celebrate our successes with humility and know that the best way to garner appreciation is to adopt simplicity and modesty in our lives. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Sometimes I call you daddy
Whenever I need to be treated like a child
Sometimes I call you Oh my Father
When I have done some mistake
Sometimes I call you Dear Dad
Whenever I am in need of help
And Sometimes I call you Hey Pops!!
Whenever I need a friend to share the good times
In all your different names, you still remain the same
Loving, caring and supporting.

Happy father’s day

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Await The Rainbow

The advent of rain brings about a sense of anticipation in many ways. One of the rarest sights to behold is the appearance of the rainbow, which spreads its flying colors across the landscape. 

Standing tall and engulfing the shadows of the clouds, making the bearer of the rain seem secondary in its presence. Even the birds circling around in a flurry, enjoy the bright colors at offer. And the trees not far behind swaying to and fro in delight, looking lusher and full of life. 

The mystical rays of the sun, drops by in such a perfect manner, that it neither overshadows nor underplays the rainbow’s wonderful stature. Also, the air wears a distinct smell, an aroma that one wants to consume its essence for a lifetime.

One only has to look up and imagine how beautifully the different elements of nature converge to create such a wonderful spectacle. And be glad that the rainbow doesn’t show itself often for the worth of this magical skyline would not be rightly valued.


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