Saturday, June 15, 2013

Technologically Yours…..

It’s difficult to understand whether technology has made things easier or more complicated. Even though technology has contributed greatly in the advancement of mankind, it seems that simple pleasures of life have been sacrificed. In the olden days, man gained good physical & mental strength by doing manual work without relying on any kind of technology. But nowadays, since everything can be accomplished just by the click of a button, man has become languid & hardly moves a finger. It’s funny because one spend loads of money in acquiring new gadgets to make things easier but ends up spending even more money in a plush gym to remain active and not to mention the queues at the doctor’s office in order to check their cholesterol & blood pressure due to their lethargies.

The essence of life’s simple pleasures is missed due to this advent of technology. The delight of receiving a letter or a card by mail is being side tracked by e-mails which don’t hold the same joy & feeling because of lack of touch. In most cases, an e-mail is either read once or even deleted at the same time but a letter brings about good memories even when read in the future. Also, there was a time when making pen pals from different countries felt good and the wait of receiving a letter from them was satisfying. This joy is now replaced with social networking websites where people log in only to acquire an inflated ego.

The invention of television has really affected the strata of the family as no one has the time to spend with each other except for staring at the idiot box for continuing hours. Its no wonder that parks are being substituted by real estate projects as no one has the inclination to come out of the houses; with men busy watching sports and women their telly dramas. There has come a time where some people skip the family functions with the fear that they will miss their favourite show or a match.

The pastimes of children are now changed from playing outdoors or reading a book to sitting at home and playing video games or surfing the internet. This trend however has benefited the optometrist with so many young people wearing eye glasses.

The point that needs to be highlighted here is that even though we all are engulfed with technology all around us, kindly spare a thought that wouldn’t it be good to avoid technology in some cases and only use it when it is absolute necessary. By doing things in a more traditional way, the environment will benefit as power consumption will reduce considerably and more importantly one will be able to experience the simple joys of life  which are now lost in this techno savvy world. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The White Fixation

Since time immemorial, the world has been fascinated by the white man. He has been treated and considered as a supreme being and sometimes even close to God. Since his birth, he has been given all the privileges of the world, may be not by his parents but by the whole mankind. Anywhere he goes; he has been treated as a king and rarely looked down upon. The question here arises is that why all this fuss about just a color of the skin. Is the color white more pleasing to the eyes? If a colored man applies white paint on him, will he be treated as a royal entity.

The advantages a white man gains as compared to his counterpart are numerous. He can travel almost any part of the world without any restrictions whereas people of other race are bombarded with countless procedures and questions just to get their entry permits that it feels like they are participating in a quiz show. When the white man enters a foreign land, he is regarded as a being coming from another planet as all of them ogle at him until their eyes pop out of its sockets. We are so much in awe with the white man that we ape each and every thing that he does. We want to eat like him, wear clothes like him, act like him and basically do all that he does. It seems that this behavior of ours makes us look very wise and intellectual but in fact makes us look like fools.

A person is treated as normal in his own group of friends but once he befriends a white, his chest puffs up with pride as if he has achieved something really incredible. He considers himself as a superior entity, needing no one else but his white friend. It’s funny because, if one takes a look at history, the white man has caused so much anguish and misery in this world that the after effects are still borne by the entire human race. These ill effects will keep on continuing unless we open our eyes and think that a white man is just a human being just like you and me. The world in large talks about equality but this feeling goes down the drain when it comes to the white man as consciously we always go out of our way to gain their trust as if we would falter if we don’t please him. It’s about time people realize that treating human beings as equals is the way forward and this undue favoritism to someone will surely bring our downfall. It is important that nobody should despise or disrespect anybody because of their caste, creed, religion etc but  it is more essential that nobody should get or take undue advantage because of their anatomy.


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