Monday, November 24, 2014

Just One Percent

A lot of people wonder about the abject poverty surrounding some parts of the world and why some are endowed with extreme good health whilst others are plagued with life threatening illnesses. This leads them to question God’s intentions for this disparity.

But if one looks closely then God in his scheme of things wants the rich to grant some part of his wealth to the underprivileged. He expects every prosperous individual to contribute towards alleviating the miseries of its fellow beings.

Generally speaking, most of mankind do yearn to aid the less fortunate but are either too busy in their own lives or do not look out for opportunities to help. Hence, one lets their good intentions go to waste.

But if every person reflects and recognizes his duties then he will surely go out of the way to make others life better since the internal satisfaction gained will be tremendous.

The simplest way to contribute towards society is to allot just 1 per cent of the monthly income to a good cause or charity. By doing this, one doesn't need to even break a sweat as nowadays there are numerous charitable foundations that are easily accessible.

Also, one shouldn't consider that they are parting with a chunk of their monthly income but instead think that they are donating only 1 per cent in a month and that 99 per cent of the income is theirs to spend.

By acting upon this small deed, we all can make a small difference towards the fighting against poverty and ill health.

So, let us join hands together and contribute in whatever small way we can to make lives better for the needy.        

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Politically Motivated

Politicians, in general are despised all around the world. They are looked upon as unwanted individuals who have no sense of governance or conscious and are busy doing things for their own selfish needs.

Politics is regarded as such a dirty profession that the word ‘Politician’ is often used as a cuss word. But if one looks closely; politics is everywhere and all individuals indulge in politics in way or another. Many of us, knowingly or unknowingly act like politicians; devising schemes to gain power whether in the work place, household, clubs or societies.

Similar to politicians, we form groups based on our own country, caste, religion etc and we make sure not to allow any other ‘outsider’ to rise up in life. We are always ready to cover up our own mistakes but are very swift in pointing out the errors of our rivals. Somehow, we are in constant fear of losing our position to others and hence resort to all the manipulative tactics in the book to retain our power.

Just like politicians, we too incline towards nepotism by favoring our friends and relatives for top positions or jobs at the expense of more talented individuals.

The funniest thing is that we are ready to blame the politicians for all the ills happening in our country but we fail to even realize the dirty politics that we play in our daily lives that affect numerous people around us.

Therefore, instead of accusing the ministers of misconduct, we should look within ourselves and ask whether we are doing the same for our own masterly gains. We expect the politicians to mend their ways but it is more important that we correct ourselves as well. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Destiny Speaks

Most men feel that they have the ability to fully control a particular situation or a result but this is just an illusion. The truth is that every moment of our lives are carefully thought out by the one and only Supreme Being. All our successes and failures too are preordained from the day that we are born. If a person is successful; it is because his success is written in the books of the Almighty and so is his failure. No matter how much we try to chalk out elaborate plans to succeed, it is our destiny that prevails at the end.

There are many individuals who proclaim that they possess the will power to succeed and that nothing can come between them and success but we see that these are the people who are often embraced with failure.

One has to realize that self determination cannot always prevail in the presence of fate. We come across many instances in our daily life where we see that a person is so close to success but flatters at the last step. This is because he was not destined to succeed at that particular time.

Therefore, man should neither be too proud of his achievements nor he should be too depressed by his failures as his course of life is already decided at the time of his birth and one cannot deviate from the path that is chosen for him.

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Far Away Dream

I am walking unsteadily in the midst of the skyscrapers. No matter where I look, these tall monsters are engulfing me and my each step draws them closer as if to bind me. My eyes search frantically for an escape but in vain as these metallic blocks keep building up in every corner. I feel a sense of breathlessness from this congestion and pray to find a place of solace somewhere; anywhere.

And then finally my strides take me to an open space in the middle of this concrete jungle and I feel elated for having found a rarity. I want to spread my arms and soak in this moment of solitude when suddenly I look up to see beams lowering upon me. I think for a while to fight these steel creatures but realize that they are too strong for me. I run as fast as I can to a direction unknown until I find a shadowy alley and I hope that this darkness will somehow bring me to light.

I sit still after this languidness and think of going back to my abode but my quest to find calmness holds me back. I feel regret as I am forced to believe that only a miracle can save our natural habitat.

On that thought, a hand draws near and takes me towards a shining halo. I enter it unafraid as I leap forward and it seems I am transported to a parallel universe as I see green trees all around me, flowers of varying colors swaying from the gentle breeze, birds of different origins chirping away as happily as ever and the touch of moist grass as smooth as silk. From a distance I witness people dancing and eating merrily the fruits that the trees bear.

I feel overwhelmed but at the same time fearful that this oasis may end up like the place I am coming from. So, I wish that this state of bliss would last forever but am perturbed by an annoying sound. I open my eyes and notice men working on their machines. My dream is short lived but I hope that one day it would be a reality.


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