Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Shadow Monster

It was way past midnight and the streets barred a silent look. I was keen on taking a cab but thought a walk and some fresh air would do me good. As I was whistling my favorite tune, I heard a soft rattle behind me. I looked back and found a shadow. 

I paused for a moment as I had heard about the legend of the shadow monster. A creature lurking in the dark and preying upon innocent souls. But I reassured myself that the tale was just a myth. With full composure, I walked along continuing with my tune but my doubts grew stronger.

I tilted my head to the right and saw a shadow reflect on the building. Fear engulfed me as I knew that the shadow was not mine. I turned slowly to catch a glimpse and saw a horrifying face with eyes protruding with rage. As I looked straight at it, it raised its hands to grab me. I shrieked aloud and ran in blind panic.

As my steps grew faster, the relentless shadow was getting bigger. I knocked at all doors as I ran; desperately hoping that someone would help me in vanquishing this evil terror. But all doors remained closed.

I thought if I pleaded for mercy, the monster would spare me but its wrath grew even more. Suddenly, it howled a loud screech which pounded my ears. The resulted uproar deafened me.

I thought of a place where the devil didn’t dare to enter and I knew it wasn’t so far away. If only I could somehow reach there. But my strength was diminishing as the demon was getting closer.

Its ferocious hands gripped my face. One mighty scratch and I felt my face ripped apart. I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t. It was all too dark yet my face felt warm. And then I knew that the monster had taken my eyes.

I stumbled upon something and fell down. I lay on the ground succumbing to my fate; for this ordeal was finally over and the devil had won.

Numbness took over my body though I could hear my heart. I touched my face and felt my eyes at its place. I opened them and saw the dawn bright and sunny. I instantly stood up to smell the misty air and hear the birds chirping. It felt so good that life was same as before. I smiled and forgot all about last night though a question remained.

Was the shadow monster real or just a dream?


A question lingers on every mind Wonder what will transpire? Of all the dreams that we have Will they ever aspire? The numero...