My First Book - An Ode To Life

I considered myself as a complete novice as only a few years back, upon starting this blog, did I realize that I had the necessary skills to enter the literary world.

As the reader base grew, my passion too grew stronger and I began to write on a subject that fascinated me since childhood. Poetry.

My first book "An Ode to Life" is a collection of poems that highlights the different stages in the journey of life.

Since, poetry is an uncommon art form, I believe that it is important to connect with all kinds of readers and hence I have presented the poems in a simple and lucid manner.

The book has now take a giant stride forward as it has been featured in Gulf Weekly, one of the leading newspapers in Bahrain.

I sincerely hope that the readers like my work and I eagerly await for reviews/comments so that I can become a better writer.

An Ode To Life is available on:


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