Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Shadow Monster

It was way past midnight and the streets barred a silent look. I was keen on taking a cab but thought a walk and some fresh air would do me good. As I was whistling my favorite tune, I heard a soft rattle behind me. I looked back and found a shadow. 

I paused for a moment as I had heard about the legend of the shadow monster. A creature lurking in the dark and preying upon innocent souls. But I reassured myself that the tale was just a myth. With full composure, I walked along continuing with my tune but my doubts grew stronger.

I tilted my head to the right and saw a shadow reflect on the building. Fear engulfed me as I knew that the shadow was not mine. I turned slowly to catch a glimpse and saw a horrifying face with eyes protruding with rage. As I looked straight at it, it raised its hands to grab me. I shrieked aloud and ran in blind panic.

As my steps grew faster, the relentless shadow was getting bigger. I knocked at all doors as I ran; desperately hoping that someone would help me in vanquishing this evil terror. But all doors remained closed.

I thought if I pleaded for mercy, the monster would spare me but its wrath grew even more. Suddenly, it howled a loud screech which pounded my ears. The resulted uproar deafened me.

I thought of a place where the devil didn’t dare to enter and I knew it wasn’t so far away. If only I could somehow reach there. But my strength was diminishing as the demon was getting closer.

Its ferocious hands gripped my face. One mighty scratch and I felt my face ripped apart. I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t. It was all too dark yet my face felt warm. And then I knew that the monster had taken my eyes.

I stumbled upon something and fell down. I lay on the ground succumbing to my fate; for this ordeal was finally over and the devil had won.

Numbness took over my body though I could hear my heart. I touched my face and felt my eyes at its place. I opened them and saw the dawn bright and sunny. I instantly stood up to smell the misty air and hear the birds chirping. It felt so good that life was same as before. I smiled and forgot all about last night though a question remained.

Was the shadow monster real or just a dream?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Dove And The Beast

The mother dove was full of joy at the birth of her child. As days passed by she cuddled him with affection and fed him with the best that she could provide.

One day, a vulture pounced on the baby dove and snatched him away. The mother dove tried her best to keep pace but the all too powerful flight of the vulture was too much for her. As the baby dove was struggling in the mighty talons, a stone was hurled at the vulture and the baby dove fell on the ground near a cave. A hand appeared from the cave and dragged the baby dove in. The mother dove began circling the cave hoping that her son would come out but to no avail. Her reluctance to venture in was due to an old legend that she knew.

There was a beast who used to run havoc in the jungle causing troubles to all. So, the animals put a curse which made him blind if he stepped out during the day. This curse confined the beast to the cave when the sun shined and the night became his only friend.

Days passed into weeks and the mother dove would patiently sit near the cave hoping for a miracle. Finally her clan convinced her to move on with the beautiful memories of her child. Then one morning a dove came flying to their abode. The mother dove recognized her beloved son instantly. Joyous tears started flowing from her eyes.

He told her that when he fell on the ground, he was badly wounded. During these days of pain, the beast cared and nurtured him, gave him the nourishment that would make him strong. Slowly, he felt better and even his wings developed. The beast then bid him farewell as he had become well and was ready to fly.

The next morning the doves entered the cave to give their thanks. They urged the beast to step outside. As the sun shone on his face he could see all with his wide open eyes. Years of anguish had disappeared and his happiness was unbounded. One good deed of his broke the lifelong curse.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

In The Jungle

They warned us of the lurking dangers inside the jungle but our curiosity had the better of us. We swerved of our usual route and ventured inside. We did have a sense of fear inside our hearts but our minds were courageous.  

The light became dimmer as we treaded along and there was a distinct smell that engulfed us. As we advanced, insects of varying size and color were whistling their tunes in complete harmony. We never knew these tiny beings could create such beautiful music that would resonate throughout the jungle.

As we were enjoying the aural wonders, our breath was taken away by a royal creature we had only seen on television or books. Its black and orange stripes were so vibrant that the jungle didn’t look dark anymore. Our feet halted as he took its majestic steps. And for once in our life, we weren’t afraid but were in full admiration of what we were seeing. He took an innocuous look at us and then disappeared in the vagueness of the wild.

As we were recovering from this magnificent sight, we felt a push from behind. To our amazement, we found a baby elephant circling around us. We had never expected to see such an adorable animal in the midst of the jungle. As we started to mingle with it, we heard shuddering noises approaching us. We quickly realized that it was the mother being overprotective of its child. We too decided to leave as we started to think of our own worrying mothers.

As we were heading back home, we looked behind to catch a last glimpse of this marvelous place. And we promised each other that we will be back to renew our adventure. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Unsatiated Wolf

The wolf devours but unsatisfied
The dark yellow eyes preys for more
Resilient in its quest to be fed
Rummaging across the land for creatures within
Still savage in its pursuit
Consuming all with its ravenous gut
But all that chasing has aged him soon
No more the vicious predator he once was
Looking back with his old frail eyes
All that hunting was not suffice
As he still remains hungry and unsatisfied

(This poem is a metaphor for man's unending hunting for life's pleasures)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

At The Bus Stop

It was a hot fiery afternoon and Jonu was pacing around hurriedly by the road. He had to be there for an important meeting but his car thought otherwise. His steps became faster and so did his agitation as the heat was a killing. Finally, to his relief, he found a shaded bus stop and sat instantly to regain his breath.

Next to him was a strong built man wearing tainted old clothes. His dark skinned face was shadowed by dirt and dust as he wore a smile. Jonu smirked at him in response as his troubles of getting to the office were the only thing on his mind. He reached out to Jonu saying “Hello, How are you doing?”  Jonu replied in frustration, “The heat is extreme, am sweating like crazy and to top it all off, just when I had the most important meeting, my car broke down, my phone went dead and I had to walk around 1 km to find a bus stop. I have never had such a bad day in my life. Now how do you think I am and where is the damn bus?” Jonu said angrily. But all the man did was give a smile. Jonu grinned as he didn’t quite appreciate his sarcastic reaction.

Just then this man got up and went in the corner of the shed. As he came out, there was a broom in his hand and he started sweeping the road. Jonu was stunned in silence and was too ashamed to look him in the eyes. This man who spends his whole day in keeping the streets clean, not only does this tedious job to the best of his ability but also with a smile. He made Jonu realize that his woes in life are so smaller. Just one day in the heat made him to complain whereas this man makes his living by working in the harshest of weather conditions with paltry pay. Jonu wanted to apologize for his rude behavior but just didn’t have it in him to do so.    

As Jonu ascended onto the bus with his thoughts, he heard a voice from behind saying “Take care Sir”

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Modesty Thy Name

We are nothing even if we feel we are something. We are just a speck in this wide universe. Insignificant and helpless in the face of the smallest of adversities. We know nothing even after having known much. Our intelligence presumably acquired by us, is minuscule and limited to a few defined areas. Our knowledge cannot guarantee success nor restrict failures.

We have no power to change our destinies and we can be rendered incapable any moment. We cannot hasten what is delayed nor delay what is hastened.

So, do we inconsequential souls deserve the accolades for our achievements?  Should we pride ourselves for all our successes and walk insolently on this earth? Should we boast our accomplishments with a rising ego?

Rather, we should celebrate our successes with humility and know that the best way to garner appreciation is to adopt simplicity and modesty in our lives. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Sometimes I call you daddy
Whenever I need to be treated like a child
Sometimes I call you Oh my Father
When I have done some mistake
Sometimes I call you Dear Dad
Whenever I am in need of help
And Sometimes I call you Hey Pops!!
Whenever I need a friend to share the good times
In all your different names, you still remain the same
Loving, caring and supporting.

Happy father’s day

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Await The Rainbow

The advent of rain brings about a sense of anticipation in many ways. One of the rarest sights to behold is the appearance of the rainbow, which spreads its flying colors across the landscape. 

Standing tall and engulfing the shadows of the clouds, making the bearer of the rain seem secondary in its presence. Even the birds circling around in a flurry, enjoy the bright colors at offer. And the trees not far behind swaying to and fro in delight, looking lusher and full of life. 

The mystical rays of the sun, drops by in such a perfect manner, that it neither overshadows nor underplays the rainbow’s wonderful stature. Also, the air wears a distinct smell, an aroma that one wants to consume its essence for a lifetime.

One only has to look up and imagine how beautifully the different elements of nature converge to create such a wonderful spectacle. And be glad that the rainbow doesn’t show itself often for the worth of this magical skyline would not be rightly valued.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

An Ode To A Refugee

Where do I go from here?

There is chaos all around

My country is torn apart

Sounds of gunfire lingers on

Gardens of death surrounds

Where do I go from here?

Loved ones been displaced

Coffers been rendered empty

My home has been broken down

Years of happiness been shattered in moments

Where do I go from here?

Have lost all there is in life

Only a hope prevails within me

That someone will welcome me with open arms

And treat me like one of its own

My heart is deeply sunken and I fearfully wonder

Where will I go from here?

(Dedicated to all the migrants from war torn countries who are facing difficult times. May their struggles end soon)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Await The Rain

Caress my face with the raindrops

For summer seems so long now

Striking heat has withered my skin

Waiting for some revival

Need the elixir of life to rejuvenate the earth

For the air is so arid and dry now

Throw my hands up and pray

For the Lord to shower His blessings

It is the end of the day and I finally sense a reprieve

The clouds have unionized and darkened the sky

Finally a clap of thunder resonates all over

The all elusive magical drop touches my cheek

A feeling so good that it cannot be described

Hopes have been realized

As the raindrops caress my face, it is time to rejoice.


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