Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Sky Life

One only has to look up to recognize the Creator’s artistic talents. A simple color of blue is transformed into varying segments with different hues and shades. And with the sun and the clouds culminating together, the landscape created needs not only to be admired but to be absorbed.

Our life too can be easily compared to the various facets of the skyline.

How a slight unwanted change in our life can lead us to anxiety just like a small piece of cloud entering a clear blue sky but with a promise of making the sky appear so much better.


How deep troubles or sadness can alter our jovial mood with that of somber. So similar to the black ferocious clouds that envelop the skyline only to find out that sweet and pure rain is not far away.


How the sun in all its majestic glory blooming in the center spreading its light all round creating a spectacular sight. So akin to our life where a speck of happiness from somewhere acts like a ray of hope making our faces light up with splendor.

In conclusion, nature and life seem so interminably connected with each other that a mere observation can help us understand and appreciate the Almighty’s perfect creations.


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