Thursday, September 29, 2016

At The Bus Stop

It was a hot fiery afternoon and Jonu was pacing around hurriedly by the road. He had to be there for an important meeting but his car thought otherwise. His steps became faster and so did his agitation as the heat was a killing. Finally, to his relief, he found a shaded bus stop and sat instantly to regain his breath.

Next to him was a strong built man wearing tainted old clothes. His dark skinned face was shadowed by dirt and dust as he wore a smile. Jonu smirked at him in response as his troubles of getting to the office were the only thing on his mind. He reached out to Jonu saying “Hello, How are you doing?”  Jonu replied in frustration, “The heat is extreme, am sweating like crazy and to top it all off, just when I had the most important meeting, my car broke down, my phone went dead and I had to walk around 1 km to find a bus stop. I have never had such a bad day in my life. Now how do you think I am and where is the damn bus?” Jonu said angrily. But all the man did was give a smile. Jonu grinned as he didn’t quite appreciate his sarcastic reaction.

Just then this man got up and went in the corner of the shed. As he came out, there was a broom in his hand and he started sweeping the road. Jonu was stunned in silence and was too ashamed to look him in the eyes. This man who spends his whole day in keeping the streets clean, not only does this tedious job to the best of his ability but also with a smile. He made Jonu realize that his woes in life are so smaller. Just one day in the heat made him to complain whereas this man makes his living by working in the harshest of weather conditions with paltry pay. Jonu wanted to apologize for his rude behavior but just didn’t have it in him to do so.    

As Jonu ascended onto the bus with his thoughts, he heard a voice from behind saying “Take care Sir”


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